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VG1560090007 Reducer Engine For SINOTRUCK Dump Truck Spare Parts


VG1560090007 Reducer Engine For SINOTRUCK Dump Truck Spare Parts

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Material code :VG1560090007

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VG1560090007 Reducer Engine For SINOTRUCK Dump Truck Spare Parts

Reducer is generally used for low speed and large torque transmission equipment, the motor, internal combustion engine or other high speed running power through the input shaft of the reducer the tooth number less gear meshing output shaft of the big gear to achieve the purpose of reducing speed, ordinary reducer will have a few pairs of the same principle of gear to achieve the ideal reduction effect, the size of the gear tooth ratio, is the transmission ratio.

Worm gear reducer is mainly characterized by reverse self-locking function, can have a larger reduction ratio, the input shaft and output shaft is not on the same axis, also not on the same plane. But the general volume is large, the transmission efficiency is not high, the precision is not high. Harmonic reducer harmonic drive is the use of flexible components controllable elastic deformation to transfer movement and power, small volume, high precision, but the disadvantage is that the flexible wheel life is limited, impact resistance, rigidity and metal parts compared with poor. The input speed cannot be too high. The advantages of planetary reducer are relatively compact structure, small return clearance, high precision, long service life, rated output torque can do very big. But it's a little more expensive. The gear reducer has the characteristics of small volume and large transfer torque. Gear reducer is designed and manufactured on the basis of modular system. There are many motor combinations, installation forms and structural schemes. Transmission ratio classification is fine and dense to meet different working conditions and realize electromechanical integration. Gear reducer has high transmission efficiency, low energy consumption and superior performance. Cycloidal reducer is a transmission model using cycloidal needle tooth meshing planetary transmission principle, is an ideal transmission device, has many advantages, wide use, and can be positive and negative operation

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