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61260030015 Four Set Series For SINOTRUCK Dump Truck Spare Parts


61260030015 Four Set Series For SINOTRUCK Dump Truck Spare Parts

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Material code :61260030015

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61260030015 Four Set Series For SINOTRUCK Dump Truck Spare Parts

The full name of the four matching is engine four matching, also known as the car four matching, is the most important motor components of the engine, the four matching is good or bad, directly affects the full play of the engine performance, but also affects the service life and reliability of the engine.

Commonly used cylinder liner can be divided into dry type and wet type two.

Dry cylinder liner is a thin-walled cylinder with a wall thickness of 1-3mm, which is characterized by the outer surface of the cylinder liner not in direct contact with the cooling water. The advantage of dry cylinder liner is that the body stiffness is better and there is no cooling water sealing problem. The disadvantage is that the heat dissipation condition of the cylinder liner is not as good as that of the wet cylinder liner, the processing surface is increased, the cost is high, and the disassembly is difficult.

The wet cylinder liner is a 5-9mm thick cylinder whose outer wall is in direct contact with the cooling water. The advantages are convenient installation and disassembly, reliable cooling water, easy processing. Most diesel engines use wet cylinder liner. The disadvantage is that the stiffness of the body is poor, and the possibility of water leakage is relatively large.

Piston is a reciprocating motion in the cylinder body of an automobile engine. The basic structure of piston can be divided into top, head and skirt. The piston top is the main part of the combustion chamber, and its shape is related to the combustion chamber form chosen. Flat top piston is used in gasoline engine, which has the advantage of small heat absorption area. Diesel engine piston top often has a variety of pits, its specific shape, position and size must be with the diesel engine mixture formation and combustion requirements.

The piston ring is a kind of metal elastic ring with large outward expansion deformation, which is assembled into the annular groove corresponding to the profile. Reciprocating and rotating piston rings, depending on the difference in pressure between the gas or liquid, form a seal between the outer circle of the ring and the cylinder and one side of the ring and the groove.

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