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WG9725190102 Main Filter Core Assembly For HONHAN Truck Parts


WG9725190102 Main Filter Core Assembly For HONHAN Truck Parts

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Material code :WG9725190102

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WG9725190102 Main Filter Core Assembly For HONHAN Truck Parts

The role of air filter element is to filter out small impurities in the air to prevent them from entering the engine combustion chamber and affecting the engine operation. Air filter element is a kind of filter, also called air filter cylinder, air filter, style, etc., mainly used for engineering locomotive, automobile, agricultural locomotive, laboratory, aseptic operation room and various precision operation room air filtration. The symptoms of car air filter element dirty are: 1, the use of dirty air filter in car driving, will make the engine intake is insufficient, so that the fuel combustion is not sufficient; 2, lead to the engine working instability, power decline, increase in fuel consumption phenomenon, therefore, the car must keep the air filter clean; 3, the air filter element is dirty, will cause insufficient oxygen, cause incomplete combustion, will cause black smoke, cylinder produced a large amount of oil black resulting in loss of lubrication effect.

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