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3801010-C0110 Combination Appliance For SHACMAN Truck Parts


3801010-C0110 Combination Appliance For SHACMAN Truck Parts

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Material code :3801010-C0110

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3801010-C0110 Combination Appliance For SHACMAN Truck Parts

Combined electrical appliances are two or more kinds of electrical appliances, according to the wiring requirements to form a whole and the electrical appliances still maintain the original performance of the device. Compact structure, small shape and installation size, easy to use, and the performance of the electrical appliances can be better coordinated. According to the voltage can be divided into low voltage combination and high voltage combination.

Common low-voltage combination electrical appliances are fusible knife switch, electromagnetic starter, comprehensive starter and so on. Low voltage combination is easy to use and can greatly simplify the system. For example, in the motor branch of industrial electric drive automatic control system, just use a contactor, circuit breaker (or fuse) and thermal relay combination of low-voltage electrical appliances, that is, with remote control of motor frequent start, stop and various protection and control functions

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