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Doosan Severe duty bucket 1024×683 for SANY


Doosan Severe duty bucket 1024×683 for SANY

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Doosan Severe duty bucket 1024x683 for SANY

Working principle of bucket

The working principle of the bucket truck is mainly done through the hydraulic system. Hydraulic system refers to the use of liquid transmission energy system, which is composed of hydraulic oil tank, hydraulic pump, hydraulic valve, hydraulic cylinder, tubing and other components, is the key part of the bucket truck movement and work. The basic working principle of the hydraulic system is to make use of the incompressible characteristics of the hydraulic oil after stress, the pressure generated by the hydraulic oil will be pressed through the hydraulic pump, and then controlled by the hydraulic valve, so that the hydraulic oil enters the hydraulic cylinder to achieve the driving bucket loading, unloading and other operations.

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