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Steel Plate Spring For SANY Excavator Spare Parts


Steel Plate Spring For SANY Excavator Spare Parts

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Steel Plate Spring For SANY Excavator Spare Parts

Leaf spring is one of the most widely used elastic components in automobile suspension, it is composed of a number of pieces of equal width but not equal length (thickness can be equal, also can not be equal) alloy spring pieces combined into an approximate equal strength of the elastic beam.

When the leaf spring is installed in the automobile suspension, the vertical load is positive, each spring is stressed and deformed, and has the trend of upward arch bending. At this point, the axle and frame are close to each other. When the axle and the frame are away from each other, the positive vertical load and deformation of the leaf spring will gradually decrease, and sometimes even reverse.

The winding lug of the main piece is stressed seriously, which is the weak point. In order to improve the stress of the winding lug of the main piece, the end of the second piece is often bent into the winding lug and wrapped outside the winding lug of the main piece, which is called the wrapping lug. In order to make it possible for each piece to slide relatively during elastic deformation, a large gap is left between the main piece and the second piece of wrapping lug. Some suspension leaf springs are not made into coil lugs at both ends, and other support connections are used, such as rubber support pads.

The flat rectangular steel plate is curved, and the chassis spring is stacked into several pieces. One end is installed on the hanger with the tip, and the other end is connected to the girder with the lifting lug, so that the spring can be telescopic. Suitable for medium and large trucks.

Automobile leaf springs are very important. It is known that leaf springs are made up of many pieces of elastic steel of the same width and thickness and of different lengths. Its function is to connect the frame and the axle with the form of suspension, exposed between the frame and the axle, bear the load impact of the wheel on the frame, reduce the violent vibration of the body, maintain the stability of the vehicle and adaptability to different road conditions.

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