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62017695087 Axial Hydraulic Plunger Pump Motor For SANY Components


62017695087 Axial Hydraulic Plunger Pump Motor For SANY Components

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62017695087 Axial Hydraulic Plunger Pump Motor For SANY Components

Plunger pump is a hydraulic pump that depends on the reciprocating motion of the plunger in the cylinder block resulting in changes in the sealing volume to achieve oil absorption and oil pressure. Compared with the gear pump and the blade pump, this pump has many advantages.

First of all, the sealing volume of the parts for cylindrical plunger and cylinder hole, easy processing, can get higher precision, sealing performance is good, still has a high volume efficiency in high pressure work;

Second, the flow can be changed only by changing the working stroke of the plunger, which is easy to realize the variable;

Third, the main parts of the plunger pump are under pressure stress, the strength of the material can be fully used.

Due to the high pressure of the plunger pump, compact structure, high efficiency, convenient flow regulation, so in the need of high pressure, large flow, high power system and flow need to adjust the occasion, such as gantry planer, broaching machine, hydraulic press, engineering machinery, mining metallurgical machinery, ships have been widely used. According to the plunger arrangement and direction of movement, the plunger pump can be divided into radial plunger pump and axial plunger pump two categories, according to the type of flow distribution device can be divided into two categories with clearance seal type flow distribution pair plunger pump and valve flow distribution device plunger pump, according to whether variable displacement is divided into quantitative plunger pump and variable plunger pump.

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