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Tensioning Equipment for SANY Excavator SY135


Tensioning Equipment for SANY Excavator SY135

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Tensioning Equipment for SANY Excavator SY135

Principle of tensioning device for infinite rope winch

When the infinity rope winch is operating, the tensioning wheel is secured to the winch frame via the tensioning nut and in contact with the rope. The winch motor spins the transmission, which passes torque through the gears to the tensioner wheel, which begins to turn under the action of the rope. At the same time, the tensioning spring is connected with the tensioning wheel through the tensioning block and tensioning seat. As the tensioning wheel rotates, the tensioning spring begins to be stretched, creating tension that keeps the rope in a state of tension at all times. When the winch stops working, the tension of the tensioning spring decreases, the tensioning wheel automatically releases, and the rope relaxes

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Introducing the revolutionary Infinity Rope Winch - the ideal tensioning equipment solution for owners of the SANY Excavator SY135! This innovative machine is designed to provide reliable, efficient and effective rope tension control, making it a great addition to your excavating equipment.

Infinity Rope Winches are equipped with a tensioning pulley which is securely attached to the winch frame using tension nuts, allowing it to maintain constant contact with the rope. Once the winch motor is activated, the transmission begins to spin, effectively transferring torque through the gears to the tensioner pulley. Thanks to the action of the rope, the wheel then begins to turn.

To ensure optimum performance and precision, the Infinity Rope Winch also includes a tension spring connected to the tension pulley via a tension block and seat. As the tensioning wheel rotates, the tensioning spring provides additional support, helping to maintain a consistent and reliable tension level.

So whether you're in construction or mining operations, this tensioning device can help you get the job done efficiently and effectively. But that's not all! Infinity Rope Winches also have a host of additional features that make them easy to use and maintain. For example, it features a compact and robust design for easy transport and storage when not in use. It's also designed with durability in mind, meaning it can operate in harsh environments without failure.

Overall, Infinity wire rope winches are the perfect addition to your excavation equipment, providing reliable, efficient and effective wire rope tension control. Don't wait any longer to enhance your digging operations - get an Infinity Rope Winch today!

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