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Rexroth Split Flow Pump(Double Inlet&Outlet) For SANY Excavator Spare Parts


Rexroth Split Flow Pump(Double Inlet&Outlet) For SANY Excavator Spare Parts

Technical parameters:

1.Nearly 20 years’ history of SANY parts supplying, SANY spare parts dealer, warranty assurance, quick response, flexible delivery, free technical support.

2.Warehouse: ≥2000㎡

3.Storage: ≥50,000 kinds of regular parts in stock

4.Competitive price and short lead time

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Rexroth Split Flow Pump(Double Inlet&Outlet) For SANY Excavator Spare Parts

Rexroth Split Flow Pump, also named Double pump, is two sets of hydraulic pump installed together, parallel in the oil circuit of the combination pump. A rotary pump that depends on the working volume change and movement formed between the pump cylinder and the meshing gear to transport liquid or pressurize it.

The advantage of Rexroth Split Flow Pump

1. The floating shaft sleeve structure, the double pump can automatically adjust the end clearance with the working pressure, so the pump pressure is stable, low noise.

2. Adopt external meshing double gear pump structure, finished high strength aluminum extrusion alloy body, die casting front and back cover, high volumetric efficiency and mechanical efficiency.

3. The double pump has been improved to adopt bearingless design, which can operate under high pressure and can have unlimited positive and negative rotation.

Company Advantages

Introducing Rexroth Diverter Pumps (Dual Inlet & Outlet) for Sany Excavator Spare Parts - a top-of-the-line product combining quality, reliability and economy. With nearly 20 years of experience in supplying SANY parts and as an authorized SANY spare parts dealer, you can rely on us to provide excellent service and warranty on all products.

In our nearly 2,000 square meter warehouse, we proudly stock an inventory of over 50,000 regular parts to ensure fast and flexible delivery. We understand that time is of the essence in the construction industry, and our quick response ensures your business remains productive. Our free technical support is unmatched, giving you the resources you need to run at peak performance.

Rexroth Diverter Pumps (dual inlet and outlet) for SANY excavator spare parts are the perfect solution for your excavator needs. With competitive pricing and short lead times, you can save money while increasing productivity. The pump's durable construction ensures it will perform even in the harshest working environments.

The split flow design of this product ensures that it can handle a wide range of hydraulic tasks, increasing the efficiency and functionality of the excavator. The pump's dual inlet and outlet allow it to handle large volumes of oil, making it ideal for demanding applications.

Rexroth Diverter Pumps (Dual Inlet and Outlet) for Sany Excavator Spare Parts is a testament to our commitment to providing quality products. We understand the importance of reliable spare parts in construction, which is why we go to great lengths to ensure our customers get the best.

In addition to Rexroth diverter pumps we also carry a large range of spare parts for all types of SANY excavators. Our products are rigorously tested and sourced from reputable manufacturers to ensure they meet the highest quality standards.

In conclusion, Rexroth Diverter Pumps (Dual Inlet and Outlet) for Sany Excavator Spare Parts are the preferred solution for all your excavator needs. With our unrivaled service, diverse spare parts and unbeatable prices, we guarantee customer satisfaction. Choose Sany to experience excellent quality and service. Contact us today.

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