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Original SY75 Excavator Air Conditioner Electric Panel


Original SY75 Excavator Air Conditioner Electric Panel

Technical parameters:

1.Nearly 20years’ history of SANY parts supplying,SANY spare parts dealer,warranty assurance, quick response,flexible delivery,free technical support.

2.Warehouse: ≥2000㎡

3.Storage: ≥50,000 kinds of regular parts in stock

4.Competitive price and short lead time

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Original SY75 Excavator Air Conditioner Electric Panel

He air conditioning control panel is a panel where users indirectly control the air conditioning control mechanism to achieve various functions of the air conditioning. There are function selection keys, temperature keys, air conditioning keys, and rear window defrosting keys on the car air conditioning control panel.

The air conditioning system is a device that achieves cooling, heating, air exchange, and air purification of the air inside the carriage. It can provide a comfortable riding environment for passengers, reduce driver fatigue intensity, and improve driving safety.

A car air conditioning controller belongs to a control device for car air conditioning equipment. Adjust the car air conditioning system with refrigeration, ventilation, air exchange, and defrosting functions. All equipment is firmly installed, and the control devices and operating mechanisms rotate flexibly, operating freely, and performing safely and reliably.

Company Advantages

With nearly 20 years of experience supplying SANY parts, our company has built a reputation as a trusted dealer of quality spare parts for a wide range of SANY machinery. Our dedication to excellent customer service, warranty guarantee, quick response and flexible delivery has made us a reliable partner for many SANY machinery users.

We are proud of having a huge warehouse of more than 2000 square meters. This gives us ample space to store an inventory of at least 50,000 regular parts, ensuring our customers can easily find what they need at any time. Our inventory includes a wide range of components, from electrical systems to chassis components, ensuring we can meet the diverse SANY machinery needs.

We understand that one of the important factors in purchasing Sany spare parts is cost. Therefore, we ensure that our prices are competitive while maintaining the highest level of quality that you have come to expect from SANY products. Our focus on keeping prices low doesn't mean we compromise on our commitment to provide genuine SANY spare parts and great customer service.

Additionally, we value time and understand that machine downtime can have a significant impact on your business. Therefore, we ensure that our delivery time is as short as possible to minimize any inconvenience you may face. Our delivery methods are very flexible, with options of air, sea or ground to ensure you receive your order on time.

Technical support is another important aspect of our service. We provide free technical support to help our customers solve any problems they may encounter when using Sany machinery. Our technical team is composed of experienced professionals who are proficient in Sany Machinery to ensure that they can provide practical and effective solutions.

Our commitment to provide high quality SANY spare parts, competitive price, fast response, flexible delivery and free technical support makes us different from other suppliers in the market. Just a phone call away and our team will provide you with the best options for your SANY machinery maintenance and repair requirements.

We value the trust of our customers and we are committed to providing the best service possible. As a reliable partner for SANY machinery users, we take pride in being able to contribute to our customers' business success.

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MAXMECH is a professional spare parts supplier of China brand engineering machinery and heavy & light trucks with more than 20 years history.

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