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VG1500070048 Engine Oil Pump For SITRAK Truck Parts


VG1500070048 Engine Oil Pump For SITRAK Truck Parts

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Material code :VG1500070048

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VG1500070048 Engine Oil Pump For SITRAK Truck Parts

The functions of the oil pump are as follows:

1. After pressurization, the oil in the oil pan is pumped into the oil filter and lubricating oil passage to lubricate the main moving parts of the engine and filter the oil. When the engine is working, the oil pump keeps working, so that the oil keeps circulating in the lubricating oil road.

2. Because the speed of the oil pump is directly proportional to the speed of the engine, the oil supply capacity of the oil pump is the worst at low speed. Oil pumps used in automobiles are usually of gear type and rotor type. The working principle of the two oil pumps is the same. Both use volume change to change low pressure oil into high pressure oil, so it is also called positive displacement oil pump. It has the characteristics of simple structure, reliable operation, convenient manufacture and maintenance.

3. Use a car pump to pump oil. A pump is a machine for transporting or pressurizing liquids. It transfers the mechanical energy of the prime mover or other external energy to the liquid, increasing the energy of the liquid. The pump is mainly used to transport water, oil, acid lye, emulsion, suspended emulsion, liquid metal and other liquids, but also can transport liquids, gas mixtures and liquids containing suspended solids.

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